Noise Monitors

  • Weather protected
  • Long battery life
  • Remote data download
  • Live alerts via Email, SMS or Twitter
  • GPS location data stored with each measurement
  • For environmental noise


outdoor environmental noise monitor and microphone

Environmental Noise Monitors

Cirrus Research plc can supply of range of noise monitoring systems that are purpose designed for outdoor and environmental noise monitoring. These systems can be used for short, medium and long term monitoring and provide a wide range of measurement functions and features.

The Optimus Green sound level meters can be used with the CK:670 or CK:690 outdoor measurement kits for short and medium term operation.

For longer term monitoring or for permanent installation, Cirrus can provide a range of noise monitors that have been specifically designed for these applications.

For more information about permanent noise monitoring systems, please contact us and we will be pleased to provide you with a tailored quotation.

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