Case Studies

More case studies
Traffic Noise Mapping in Chile
Wiltshire Council Housing Services – Dealing with Noise Nuisance
Insomnia Gaming Festival
Big Noise in the Construction Industry
Demolition Company Finds Cirrus the Best
The Silence of the Lambs
Locking up Noise in Lancaster Castle
Invictus on the Right Track with Crossrail
Accelerating with Bugatti
Optimus Red and doseBadge adapt to a new challenge
Invictus on the Right Track
Locking up noise in Lancaster Castle
Silence of the Lambs
Accelerating with Bugatti
Demolition Company Finds Cirrus the Best
Rock hard doseBadge survives the crusher
The doseBadge builds up a head of steam in York
The doseBadge and Optimus Red help at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival
Optimus Green helps to bale out Festival
Cirrus SoundSign – Forging ahead in Sheffield
Hull Council’s new 24 hour Noise Nuisance Officer, the Trojan
The Trojan – Keeping the peace in Wakefield
Optimus Green doesn’t miss a beat at urban festivals
doseBadge® proves no problem for Patterson Pumps
Ilmor Engineering’s choice for detail and accuracy
Jersey Opera House puts Optimus Red in the spotlight
Newham Council turns the volume down on noise nuisance
Noise measurement in the fast lane!
Small yet robust!
Planning to perfection!

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