Community Noise Measurement
Community noise measurements can cover a wide range of applications and situations from simple spot noise tests to detailes noise surveys and studies. This may require the measurement of simple noise parameters such as the maximum sound level, Lmax, and the average noise level, the LAeq, but there may also be requirements for more in-depth analysis of the noise using parameters such as 1:3 octave bands and statistical values such as L10 and L90.

The Optimus sound level meters can cover all of these applications, providing a wide range of noise parameters and functions that can be used to assess the impact of noise levels.

The Optimus Green sound level meters can be used to measure and store noise levels over long periods of time and when used with an outdoor measurement kit, can be deployed for up to 14 days, measuring and recording detailed information about the noise.

All of the data logging versions of the Optimus sound level meters can download their measurements to the NoiseTools software allow the data to be analysed.

Measurement reports can be produced quickly and easily with all data available for export to a range of common formats.

Application Case Study
jersey opera case study
Recommended Noise Measurement Instrumentation

optimus green sound level meter for environmental noise measurement
Optimus Yellow

All the functions needed for simple noise testing.

  • Simple operation with the simultaneous measurement of all parameters
  • Fast, Slow & Impulse Time Weightings
  • Lmax & Lmin for each time and frequency weighting

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optimus green sound level meter for environmental noise measurement

Optimus Green

All the functions needed for environmental noise measurements

  • Environmental noise impact assessments over short or long periods
  • Tonal analysis using 1:3 Octave Band Filters
  • Detailed analysis using Audio Recording

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