Construction Noise Monitoring
Noise generated during construction and demolition projects can often be a nuisance to residents or businesses local to the site.

Noise limits may be put in place by regulatory bodies such local authorities, the EPA or city councils to help control the noise levels emitting from the site. Typically these limits are specified as maximum levels over specific periods or longer term average noise levels

Cirrus has a range of sound level meters, noise measurement kits and noise monitors that can provide all of the measurement data needs to meet these requirements

Our instrumentation is often used for boundary noise monitoring as well as on-site measurements and the software supplied with the Optimus Green sound level meters allows the measurement data to be downloaded for analysis and reporting

Our solutions for monitoring noise from construction and demolition sites range from handheld sound level meters to fully installed and automatic noise monitoring systems.

Application Case Study
Recommended Noise Measurement Instrumentation

optimus green sound level meter for environmental noise measurement

Optimus Green

All the functions needed for environmental and construction noise measurements

  • Environmental noise impact assessments over short or long periods
  • Tonal analysis using 1:3 Octave Band Filters
  • Detailed analysis using Audio Recording

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Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit

The outdoor kit can be used over long periods of time and in all weather conditions.

  • Remote download of measurement data over 3G/GPRS connection
  • Fully weather protected outdoor noise measurement kit
  • Up to 14 days battery power

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