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If you require noise level meter calibration or technical support for your other noise measurement instrumentation including noise dosimeters, acoustic calibrators or software, please contact a member of the team or visit our support portal.

Noise Level Meter Calibration & Noise Measurement Instrumentation Repair

noise level meter calibrationCalibration and servicing of your noise measurement equipment is vital to ensure it continues to meet the specifications it did when it was new as well as meet any Standards, Regulations or Guidelines you need to work to. Many factors can affect the performance of noise measurement instruments and so an annual check-up is the best way to ensure that your precision equipment is still operating as it was intended to do. By calibrating your noise measurement instrumentation annually you will also be able to take advantage of our industry-leading “issue-free” 15- year warranty.

NoiseMeters Inc is the only Authorised Service & Calibration Center for Cirrus Research noise level meters, noise dosimeters and noise measurement equipment in the United States. They are fully trained and licensed to use our specially developed Unical Calibration Suite, which allows them to calibrate any model noise level meter, noise dosimeter and acoustic calibrator including Cirrus Research, Casella, Svantek, Larson Davis, TSI Quest, and SKC. In the case that your equipment has been damaged, you can also book in for your warranty repair.

To find out more about our calibration services or to book your equipment for calibration and servicing contact NoiseMeters Inc on Telephone 888 206 4377 or email and they will make all the arrangements. Or you can simply complete the form below.


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Datasheets & Documentation

Datasheets & Documentation

Click here to view the Optimus red technical information datasheet

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Contact Cirrus Research Technical Support

Contact Cirrus Research Technical Support

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