Acoustic Calibrators

  • Class 1 or Class 2 performance
  • 94dB Sound Pressure Level
  • Automatic power switch off
  • PTB Type approval
  • Suitable for use with 1/2 inch microphones

acoustic calibrator

Acoustic Calibrators

for Handheld Instrument Calibration
All noise measurement instruments should be calibrated before and after each measurement to ensure that they are measuring accurately and that your measurement comply with any standards or regulations that you need to meet.

  • IEC 60942:2003 Class 2 & Class 1 Performance
  • PTB Type Approval for Class 2 & Class 1
  • 94dB Sound Pressure Level Output
  • Suitable for use with ½” microphone capsules
  • Automatic power switch off with user override giving longer battery life
  • Robust case with ergonomic design

All Cirrus sound level meters and noise dosimeter can be supplied with an acoustic calibrator that has been specifically designed to be used with that equipment and that help you to ensure that your measurements are valid.

The CR:514 and CR:515 are high performance acoustic calibrators designed for the field and laboratory calibration of sound level meters and other noise measurement equipment.

The units are simple to operate and meet the requirements of the latest IEC 60942:2003 standard for Acoustic Calibrators with performance to Class 2 (CR:514) and Class 1 (CR:515) .

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