Quantum Indoor

  • Class 2 & Class 1 versions available
  • Occupational Noise Measurement
  • Industrial Hygiene Measurement
  • Real-time 1:1 and 1:3 octave bands
  • Remote data access through cloud connectivity
  • In-measurement audio recording

Quantum Indoor Cloud-Connected Noise Monitor

If you’re looking to constantly monitor occupational noise levels to provide an overview of the noisescape within your organization, then Quantum Indoor is the solution you need. Compliant with IEC 61672: 2013, Quantum Indoor provides noise data to meet OSHA HC, OSHA PEL, MSHA HC, MSHA PEL and ACGIH requirements. It is easy to install and the cloud interface is incredibly simple to use, boasting the very highest level of performance. You can have confidence that Quantum Indoor will provide you a comprehensive overview of the occupational noise levels in your organization.

  • Simple to set up with plug-and-play over PoE (Power over Ethernet) (other communication options are available)
  • View live measurements from multiple Quantum units simultaneously
  • Upload and store historical data on the cloud
  • Upload a floor plan to view live measurement data in the exact locations where the noise is occurring
  • Calculate dose based on moving average or user-selectable
  • Calculate dose for users based on selecting times for various Quantum units
  • Upgrade the functionality of your Quantum Indoor noise monitoring network with flexible MyCirrus cloud subscription plans
  • Rest assured safe in the knowledge that each Quantum noise monitor in your network is protected against all  accidental damage by our industry-leading 15-year warranty

Access all your data in one place whenever you need it, wherever you are

With cloud connectivity, Quantum provides instant access to all your noise data , no matter where you are in the world. Your Quantum network can consist of as many monitors as required and the data from each one can be viewed in great levels of detail.

Quantum Indoor provides a powerful holistic view of the noisescape across your organization, whether you have one large factory or several smaller sites. You will be able to identify potential noise hotspots before they pose significant risks to your workforce, as Quantum Indoor is constantly monitoring noise levels.

Prioritize noise investigations and allocate your resources more effectively

You’ll be able to determine when and where further investigations are required and avoid the expense of hiring or purchasing unnecessary additional equipment. Instead, you can allocate the equipment you have more effectively by prioritizing which areas of your business premises require further investigation with a sound level meter or noise

Its remote operation means you never need to be present on-site to measure and monitor noise levels, and the customizable triggers will alert you when noise levels reach predetermined values, allowing you to investigate the noise with high-quality audio recording.

Discreet and easy-to-install design

Quantum Indoor noise monitors have been designed to be discreet and noticeable, so you can install them in any indoor environment. Each monitor can be mounted either on a standard DIN rail or tripod, using separately available mounts.

Whatever you need, it’s already measured.

Inspired by our Optimus+ range of sound level meters, Quantum Indoor will measure all noise parameters at the same time. This means that you can always be sure that you’ll never miss a single piece of key information.

Using Quantum Indoor will allow you to create noise reports that are compliant with OSHA, MSHA, NIOSH and ACGIH guidelines and regulations.

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