Motorsport Noise Measurement
Noise measurements from motor sport activities usually take one of two forms.

The first of these is static noise measurement of individual vehicles. This is often carried out before a vehicle is allowed to enter the circuit or venue and can be a very effective way to screen out noisy vehicles.

Static noise measurements are usually carried out in accordance with a specific set of guidelines to ensure consistent measurements. In many locations, measurements are taken at 45 degrees to the exhaust at a distance of 50cm. The maximum level produced by the vehicle at a preset engine speed is recorded and compared with pre-determined limits.

The Optimus Yellow sound level meters are ideal for this type of application.

However, it may also be required to measure and monitor the noise levels at the boundary of the venue or at nearby properties to ensure compliance with community noise guidelines. The Optimus Green instruments can be used to measure over long periods and can be preset to trigger when specific noise levels are exceeded.

The instruments can record actual noise as an audio record which can be used to identify the source of the increased noise levels.

Where there is a requirement for an on-line or live noise measurement system, Cirrus can provide a custom solution based on a range of hardware and software packages. Please contact us for further information.

Application Case Study
Recommended Noise Measurement Instrumentation

optimus yellow sound level meter x250
Optimus Yellow

All the functions needed for simple noise testing.

  • Simple operation with the simultaneous measurement of all parameters
  • Fast, Slow & Impulse Time Weightings
  • Lmax & Lmin for each time and frequency weighting

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optimus green sound level meter for environmental noise measurement

Optimus Green

All the functions needed for environmental noise measurements

  • Environmental noise impact assessments over short or long periods
  • Tonal analysis using 1:3 Octave Band Filters
  • Detailed analysis using Audio Recording

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