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Wind Farm Noise Measurement
With the growth in renewable energy, noise measurements from wind farms is a growing area where the Optimus Green sound level meters are being used.

There are often two ways of measuring the noise impact of a windfarm. The first is to measure at properties around the site to ensure that the noise levels are not above or beyond what is acceptable for that particular environment.

In this application, the Optimus Green can be used with an outdoor measurement kit over long periods of time. The 1:3 Octave Band filters in the B & C versions of the Optimus Green will provide a detailed analysis of any tonal noise content. In addition to this, the instruments can be programmed to trigger audio recordings when specific noise levels are exceeded.

The C version of the Optimus Green can trigger audio recordings when a tonal noise component is detected in the ambient noise levels, allow more detailed source identification to be carried out using the NoiseTools software.

The second is to measure on the site itself and to assess the noise output from the turbines themselves. This may require the use of specialised equipment in conjunction with the sound level meters to provide specific measurements.

Cirrus can provide a range of accessories to support this type of measurement. Please contact us for more information.

Recommended Noise Measurement Instrumentation

optimus green sound level meter for environmental noise measurement

Optimus Green

All the functions needed for environmental noise measurements

  • Environmental noise impact assessments over short or long periods
  • Tonal analysis using 1:3 Octave Band Filters
  • Detailed analysis using Audio Recording

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Outdoor Noise Measurement Kit

The outdoor kit can be used over long periods of time and in all weather conditions.

  • Remote download of measurement data over 3G/GPRS connection
  • Fully weather protected outdoor noise measurement kit
  • Up to 14 days battery power

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