Optimus Green

  • Class 2 & Class 1
  • Environmental Noise Measurement
  • Industrial Hygiene Measurement
  • Real time 1/1 & 1/3 Octave Bands
  • VoiceTag audio note recording
  • In-measurement audio recording


optimus green environmental sound level meter

Optimus Green Sound Level Meters

If you’re looking to meet any environmental noise standard or regulations, an optimus green is your solution. Simple to use with the very highest level of performance, you can be sure that an optimus green will give you what you need for both environmental and occupational noise measurements.

  • Very simple to use with only 3 button pushes needed to start a measurement
  • Every functions measured at the same time so there’s no risk of missing data
  • Measures Environmental & Occupational noise parameter at the same time
  • High resolution color OLED screen with ambient light sensor allows
  • 120dB measurement span removes problems with setting the correct range
  • 4GB memory with option of 32GB for long term measurements
  • Option of 1:1 & 1:3 octave band analyzer
  • VoiceTag audio note recording lets you store notes and information about each measurement
  • Acoustic Fingerprint audio triggering and audio recording
  • Licence free NoiseTools software supplied as standard with no installation restrictions to save you money

optimus green sound level meter screen shows noise measurement

Simple operation to make noise measurements easy

The instruments will measure every parameter simultaneously so there is no possibility of you setting the wrong function, but only the most important data is displayed on the screen. Depending upon the version, you can get the information you need to meet regulations such as OSHA, MSHA, ACGIH, EU, ISO and many more as well as repeating measurements which include Leq, Lmax and Ln’s.

Frequency analysis is available in the A Version (1:1 Octaves) and the B Version (1:1 & 1:3 Octaves) along with Audio Recording during measurements and VoiceTag™ for note taking.

optimus green sound level meter screen shows third octave bands 1:3

Quick, simple and easy to use

With just three button pushes you can start a measurement and get all of the information you need to assess and deal with your noise issues.

Your investment is protected as we’ve designed all of the optimus instruments to be upgradable with new and additional measurement functions.

Record a VoiceTag™ before each measure to store your notes and comments directly into the noise meter. When you download the measurements to the NoiseTools software, click on the icon to replay and listen to your notes.

optimus green sound level meter screen shows octave bands 1:1

Audio Recording during measurements

A feature unique to the optimus green sound level meters is the Audio Recording during measurements. You can record the actual noise during a measurement by either pressing the Audio Start/Stop buttons or by using the triggering functions.

What ever you need, it’s already measured.

All of optimus sound level meters will measure all of the available functions at the same time. This means that no matter what the display is showing, you can be sure that you can’t choose the wrong function.

For example, if you’ve set the instrument to display the Leq and you need to see the 1:3 Octave Bands, just press the right arrow key twice and you’ll see the 1:3 octave bands. Press again to see the Dose view which will give you all of the information you need to meet OSHA, MSHA or ACGIH.

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