Quantum Outdoor now with even more features

Cirrus Research, a leading provider of noise measurement instruments, has announced an updated version of its popular Quantum Outdoor product. The new version comes with several enhanced features designed to provide customers with more valuable insights into their environmental data.

The Quantum Outdoor is already well known for its high accuracy and reliability, and the new version (Quantum 2.2) adds even more value with the following enhancements:

  • Environmental Reports: The new Quantum Outdoor comes with many new reports for Particulates, Gases, and Vibration data. Customers can now easily generate even more reports, helping them to analyze and understand their data more effectively at the click of a mouse.
  • Scheduled Reports: The Quantum Outdoor now supports scheduling of reports to run automatically, freeing up customers’ time and helping them to stay on top of their environmental data.
  • Notification Translations: Customers can now receive notifications in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, and Chinese, allowing them to communicate with colleagues and stakeholders worldwide.
  • Mobile View: The new version of Quantum Outdoor features improved views on mobile devices and small screens, allowing customers to access their data and generate reports from anywhere.
  • Performance Improvements: Loading performance for Particulates, Gases, and Vibration data has been improved, providing faster and more efficient access to critical data.
  • Event Markers: The latest version of Quantum Outdoor includes the option to show event markers on most data screens, making it easier for customers to identify important ‘events’ in their data.
  • Switch Accounts: Customers can now quickly switch accounts from the user profile menu, enabling easy management of multiple accounts.
  • Other Fixes and Improvements: The updated Quantum Outdoor comes with various other fixes and improvements, ensuring that customers have a seamless experience using the product.

We’re thrilled to announce the updated version of our Quantum Outdoor product,” said Mark Swale, Engineering M”We’re thrilled to announce the updated version of our Quantum Outdoor product,” said Mark Swale, Engineering Manager at Cirrus Research. “These new features demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with the most innovative and valuable tools for environmental data analysis. With the Quantum Outdoor, customers can now generate reports, receive notifications in multiple languages, and manage their data more efficiently than ever before.”

Cirrus Research plc