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Methods for selecting hearing protection

In addition to using octave band filters to measure noise levels in specific frequency ranges, there are also other methods for correctly selecting hearing protection. One such method is the “Hearing Protection Rating Method” (HML), which is a standardized method for evaluating the performance of hearing protectors. The HML method assigns a single number rating […]

What is an Octave Band Filter?

An Octave Band Filter is a device that separates sound into different frequency bands, which allows for the measurement of noise levels in specific frequency ranges. This is useful in noise dosimetry because it allows for the assessment of noise exposure levels for different frequencies, which can aid in the prescription of appropriate hearing protection. […]

The dBLink App is now available for iOS & Android

The dBLink App supports the doseBadge⁵ Noise Dosimeters and allows measurements to be controlled and configured wirelessly. Measurement data can be viewed live (mid-shift readings) and all stored measurements can be displayed. Features of the dBLink App Control multiple doseBadge⁵ noise dosimeters wirelessly Start, Stop & Pause measurements Configure & enable scheduled measurement timers Configure […]

New Instrinsic Safety Certifications for the CR:110AIS doseBadge for Canada

Cirrus Research is pleased to announce that the range of Intrinsic Safety Certifications available on the CR:110AIS version of the doseBadge Noise Dosimeter has been expanded with the addition of FM Certification for Canada. This new approval adds to the existing FM certification for the US as well as the ATEX and IECEx certifications carried by the […]

Ilmor Engineering’s choice for detail & accuracy – Cirrus doseBadge noise dosimeter & Optimus Red sound level meter

As one of the world’s top racing engine design and manufacturers, noise levels in the workplace have always been an issue for Ilmor Engineering. But when they won a large contract with the US giant General Motors to design and manufacture a new turbo-charged V6 racing engine for the 2012 IndyCar championship, its managers knew […]

Prevalence of hearing loss in the United States by industry

This is an interesting article published in July 2012 which is a study to estimate the prevalence of hearing loss amongst workers in US industries titled “Prevalence of hearing loss in the United States by industry” The abstract of the article is as follows: Twenty-two million workers are exposed to hazardous noise in the United […]

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