The dBLink App is now available for iOS & Android

The dBLink App for iOS and Android Devices

The dBLink App supports the doseBadge⁵ Noise Dosimeters and allows measurements to be controlled and configured wirelessly. Measurement data can be viewed live (mid-shift readings) and all stored measurements can be displayed.

Features of the dBLink App

  • Control multiple doseBadge⁵ noise dosimeters wirelessly
  • Start, Stop & Pause measurements
  • Configure & enable scheduled measurement timers
  • Configure integrators, peak channels and SPL Max values
  • View live measurements (Mid-Shift Readings)
  • View stored measurements
  • The dBLink App is compatible with the CR:120A doseBadge⁵ Noise Dosimeter.

As well as allowing control over the measurements, the dBLink app also allows the doseBadgeunits to be pre-programmed with a name, person, place and project, all of which is downloaded automatically into the NoiseTools software.

The app also allows the unique measurement timers to be enabled or configured, allowing the doseBadgeinstruments to start and stop measurements automatically at preset times.

The operation of the 4 independent integrators and 2 peak channels alongside the Lmax and ULT channels can be configured from the dBLink app, allow the doseBadgeto be set up to meet any occupational noise measurement standard or regulation worldwide.

For more information about the doseBadge5, click here.

The dBLink app can be downloaded from the App Store (for iOS devices) or from Google Play (for Android devices) using the links below.



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