Noise Monitoring Systems

  • Weather protected
  • Remote data download
  • Live alerts
  • For environmental noise


airport noise monitoring system

Noise Monitoring Systems

For applications where noise data needs to be gathered on a permanent or long term basis, a purpose designed noise monitoring system is often the best solution.
These instruments have been designed to be used over many years and feature the very highest levels of environmental protection and physical security. They use field proven technology to deliver long term stability and reliability over many years.

Typically this type of noise monitor is used with the Noise-Hub software platform which allows measurements to be downloaded remotely over a range of connection types. The data is stored into a robust, scalable database that allows measurements to be analysed and reports created.

To match the Noise-Hub software platform, Cirrus offers a range of different noise monitoring stations which have been purpose designed for long term operation.

  • Purpose designed and manufactured for permanent installation
  • Fully Weather protected for reliable long term operation
  • Fully automated remote calibration to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Remote communication via direct line, GSM, Wireless or GPRS Modem
  • Low power consumption
  • Intelligent and sophisticated Noise Event Detection
  • Time History/Noise Profile information for more detailed analysis
  • 117dB Dynamic Range
  • Optional Integrated Weather Monitoring
  • A solution tailored to your application

Each noise monitoring system has it’s own specific requirements, needs and demands. The Noise-Hub systems can be configured to meet each and every application individually and we would recommend that you contact us so that we can offer a solution that meets your needs.

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