Optimus Red

  • Class 2 & Class 1
  • Occupational noise measurement
  • Industrial hygiene measurements
  • Real time 1/1 octave band filters
  • VoiceTag audio note recording
  • Three simultaneous integrators


Optimus Red Sound Level Meter Features

The aim of the optimus sound level meters is to make noise measurements simple.optimus sound level meter handheld

  • Simple operation with an ergonomic design
  • Simultaneous measurement of all workplace noise parameters with additional two “virtual” noise meters
  • Class 1 or Class 2 Performance
  • VoiceTag™ note recording
  • AuditStore™ measurement verification
  • Latest digital technology with a high resolution colour OLED display and back-lit keypad
  • Measure up to 140dB(A) and 143dB(C) Peak with a single measurement range
  • Real-time 1:1 Octave Band Analyzer
  • NR & NC values & curves on screen
  • Pause & Back Erase as standard
  • Standard 4GB memory with factory option of 32GB
  • Long battery life
  • Measure up to 170dB with the optional MV:200EH microphone system
  • NoiseTools software with licence free installation and free updates

voicetag audio recording feature

VoiceTag audio recording

Before each measurement is made, you can record a VoiceTag by simply speaking into the microphone. You can record notes about the measurement location, describe what is being measured or simply store information that may be useful at a later date.

auditstore data verification feature

AuditStore data verification

AuditStore™ is a new technology that helps you to ensure that your noise measurement data is valid and trustworthy. AuditStore allows the user to verify measurements that have been downloaded to the NoiseTools software against a secure data store within the instrument.

Each time you make a measurement with your optimus, a selection of the overall data is stored into a separate, secure memory that is independent of the main memory card. This data contains essential information about the measurement such as the time, date and duration, the LAeq, Peak(C) and LAFmax, LA10 & LA90 (where available) and the overload indication.

In addition to the noise measurement data, information about the last calibration is also stored. The AuditStore data can be downloaded from the instrument when required and then the measurements can be checked against the AuditStore. The NoiseTools software will check that the measurement information held in the main database and displayed on the screen matches the values within the AuditStore secure memory.

noisetools noise measurement analysis software

NoiseTools Software

The NoiseTools software package gives you a quick and simple way to download, analyse and report your noise measurement information. The initial summary screen shows you the most commonly used information and, through simple icons, gives you access to the detailed measurement data. You can simply print the summary screen to get a quick measurement report.

For advanced users, each and every function measured by the instrument is available for review and analysis and the data can be exported for further use. VoiceTag audio recordings can be played back for reference and are automatically stored with the measurement data. Where Octave Band data is available, this information can be used by the program to calculate the level of protection from a range of hearing defenders and ear plugs.

To help you keep your noise measurement data organised and easy to find, NoiseTools allows each measurement to be allocated to people, places and projects. Measurements can be sorted or grouped by any parameter, person, place or project and measurement reports created quickly and easily.

NoiseTools is supplied free from any licensing restrictions or limits allowing you to install the program on as many PC’s as needed at no additional cost.

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